Indiaspora (n): The movement of Indians from their ancestral homeland to positions of influence across the world

Indian Americans have experienced great success in the United States. Accounting for only 1 percent of the population, these émigrés have made their names known in many fields, including academia, arts, business, entertainment, healthcare, media, philanthropy, politics, science and technology.

Indiaspora will be a catalyst to transform the success of Indian Americans into meaningful impact in India and on the global stage.

Founded in 2012 by M.R. Rangaswami under the auspices of the nonprofit SHG Foundation, Indiaspora aims to unite the professionally, geographically and religiously diverse community of Indian Americans by identifying issues, debating outcomes and recommending actionable solutions.

Indiaspora hosted 100 influential Indian American leaders as part of its first Forum in September 2012. The three-day Forum events aim to energize the community and provide a voice with which it can articulate collective goals.

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