2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List Quotes

2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List Quotes

February 12, 2021

2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List



“It truly is inspiring to note the remarkable contribution that government leaders of Indian heritage have made to advance the societies that they now represent. For a sizable segment of the population, it is government policy addressing social injustices that lead to a transformative path of sustainable socio-economic progress. I hope that we can appreciate the opportunities afforded to us and that we always stand to support the underprivileged and the impoverished.”

— Minister Rosy Akbar, Minister of Education, Heritage, and Arts, Fiji


“I am grateful to Indiaspora for this recognition and humbled to be part of an incredible group of talented individuals dedicated to public service around the globe. The next generation of Leaders can contribute immensely to tackling some of the biggest challenges we face, by bringing innovation, expertise and energy together. Leading with purpose for the well-being of society and the economy binds our common calling, regardless of country or department.”

Anil Arora, Chief Statistician, Canada


“It is an honor to be included on the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List. As the longest-serving Indian American Member of Congress, I am proud to be a leader in the Indian American community, which has become an integral part of American life and society.”

Congressman Ami Bera, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S.


“I am honoured to be included as part of the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List. A powerful list of leaders – from a diverse range of backgrounds, professions and places from across the globe, who all have the distinction of being connected via their Indian ancestry. I hope this can inspire others and be a catalyst for change.”

— MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, House of Commons, United Kingdom


“It is an honour and privilege for me to be considered for 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List. It is heartening to see that Indiaspora is taking the lead in inspiring the global Indian leaders to be a force of positive impact through a platform to collaborate, engage and support social change. I wish Indiaspora the very best with its mission.”

— Minister Premila Kumar, Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development, Fiji 


“Being a leader, is adding value to yourself, to your organization and to your community.’’

Minister Krishna Mathoera, Minister of Defense, Suriname


“As a proud Indo-Canadian, it is an honour to be included in the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List alongside an accomplished and diverse group of leaders from the India diaspora. I am eternally proud of my Indian heritage but also being Canadian. Canada has given me its protection and its opportunities, and in return, I am committed to making it a better place so that it continues to be a land of protection and opportunity for future Canadians.”

— Senator Ratna Omidvar, Canada


“It’s an honour and a privilege to be part of the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List. As one of 1.6 million Canadians of Indian origin, I am a proud Canadian and equally proud of my Indian and Gujarati heritage. It has been truly special serving as Canada’s longest-serving High Commissioner to India, for almost seven years. During this time, I have been inspired by the rich and vibrant commercial, educational, diplomatic and cultural ties that bind our countries and our people together. I’m deeply grateful for this recognition.”

— High Commissioner Nadir Patel, High Commissioner of Canada to India (and also the Ambassador of Canada to Nepal and Bhutan)


 “I congratulate the Indiaspora Team for the excellent work they do in supporting and empowering the Indian diaspora to contribute to excellence wherever they are.”

MP Lord Dolar Popat, House of Lords, United Kingdom


“I am delighted to have been included by Indiaspora on their Leaders List, as the Chair of Indo-British All-Party Parliamentary Group in the UK I am committed to closer and further cooperation between India and the UK. British Indians are taking leadership roles across the UK and are proud to be such an important part of public life here.”

— MP Virendra Sharma, House of Commons, United Kingdom


Biden Appointees


“It is an honor to be named on the Indiaspora Government Leaders List. My commitment to public service is a result of my unique heritage, the unwavering love and support of my family, and my heartfelt desire to make our world safer and more inclusive.”

— Sohini Chatterjee, Senior Policy Advisor to the US Ambassador to the United Nations, federal administration, U.S.


“I am honored to be included in this wonderful list and heartened by the representation of Indian-Americans at all levels of government, including in the Biden-Harris administration. Our growing and diverse community is dedicated to service and to giving back to our communities, our nation, and the world.”

— Varun Sivaram, Senior Advisor to the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John F. Kerry, federal administration, U.S.


“Think about what we can achieve if we can work together for impact. We are stronger working together than succeeding alone.”

Fatema Z. Sumar, Vice President of the Department of Compact Operations at the Millennium Challenge Corporation, federal administration, U.S.


U.S. State Leaders


“Representation matters. To get our issues on the table, we need people sitting at that table.”

Senator Manka Dhingra, Washington Senate, U.S.


” I am deeply honored to be featured along with such prominent and distinguished government leaders from many countries. My experience in public service has been tremendously challenging and rewarding at the same time.”

— Virginia Treasurer Manju Ganeriwala, Virginia, U.S.


“I am so honored to be mentioned in this year’s Indiaspora Government Leaders List alongside many other admirable leaders in government. The men and women on this list are committed to building stronger communities and inspiring social change through their work, and I am humbled to be considered among this group.”

Senator Vin Gopal, New Jersey Senate, U.S.


I am honored to be recognized by Indiaspora as a government leader. I am grateful for how India’s rich cultural and philosophical heritage, and my experiences there, have helped shape me, so that I can be the best public servant for my district, as state representative for the 41st District in the Great Lakes state of Michigan.

— Representative Padma Kuppa, Michigan House of Representatives, U.S.


“I am honored for this recognition and to be included in the Government Leaders List with my colleagues from across the world. I am proud to serve my community, and work towards a more inclusive society. “

Representative Ranjeev Puri, Michigan House of Representatives, U.S.


“I am encouraged by the growing number if Indian-Americans who are serving our communities and country. We have a responsibility to serve with courage and integrity so we can be an example for future generations of Indian-American leaders.”

Delegate Suhas Subramanyam, Virginia House of Delegates, U.S.


“As the first Indian-American to serve in the New York State Senate, I am honored to be a part of the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List. This year holds special significance for our community. In addition to electing Kamala Harris becoming the first woman, the first African American and the first Indian American to serve as Vice President, we saw unprecedented numbers of South Asian candidates running for office across New York, and record voter turnout from the South Asian community. This is a profound and inspirational moment for the Indian American community, both in New York and across the United States.”

Senator Kevin Thomas, New York Senate, U.S.


U.S. Local Leaders


“I immigrated to the United States in 1974 as a young man with little more than hopes and dreams. To be sworn into office as the first Sikh Indian American mayor of one of California’s largest cities is proof the American Dream is alive and well in Anaheim. As mayor, it is my mission to enact policies that empower the American Dream.”

— Mayor Harry Sidhu, Mayor of Anaheim, California, U.S.