A musical journey with MR and Arvind Manocha

A musical journey with MR and Arvind Manocha

September 15, 2015 | Author: Monika Patel

*Arvind talks about the interesting interplay between his home life and outside life as a son of immigrants in the 60’s.

*Listen to how music was front and center for him since a young age.

*Find out whether music was always going to be his career path

*From Cornell to Cambridge, Arvind talks about his scholarly pursuits

*What according to him is the single most important act of his life?

*How did he transition from corporate life into the artistic world?

*What were some of the seminal moments at Hollywood Bowl?

*Find out some of Arvind’s challenges and how he keeps his work relevant

*Why did he leave Hollywood Bowl for Wolftrap and what is his mission there?

*What is it like working with celebrities such as A R Rahman?

*What does Arvind feel strongly about?

*How is he a role model for diaspora kids?

*Is music his way of relaxing too?

*What do people not know about Arvind?