2020 Indiaspora Business Leaders List Press Conference

For the past several months, Indiaspora has been working hard to unveil a list of more than 50 Indian diaspora leaders who are at the helm of the largest global companies today.
Indiaspora held a virtual press conference with global Diaspora leaders to announce the launch of the Indiaspora Business Leaders list. Speakers addressed leadership amidst racial injustice and Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, and the ongoing push for sustainable business practices.
Watch the full press conference here.

Speakers include:

Raj Gupta, Chairman, Avantor, and Chairman, Aptiv

Bob Patel, CEO, LyondellBassell Industries

Nandini Ramani, Chief Operating Officer, Outcome Health

Yamini Rangan, Chief Customer Officer, Hubspot

Ravi Saligram, President and CEO, Newell Brands

Niraj Shah, Co-founder, Co-Chairman, CEO, Wayfair