Careers in Congress

June 13, 2019 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C.


The Congressional South Asian American Staff Association, in collaboration with the Washington Leadership Program, the South Asian Bar Association of DC, and Indiaspora, hosted a panel on starting a career in Congress on Thursday, June 13, at Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC.

Our bi-partisan panel shared their experiences and tips for how an intern in DC can transform a summer experience into a full time job in Washington, as well as how professionals can transition to work on Capitol Hill. It was a rare opportunity to hear staffers who work in Congress in different capacities discuss a typical day in a Congressional committee or member of Congress’s office, as well as how they navigate the complexities of their varied roles, and advice they would give to others interested in pursuing such a career.

*Interested in learning more about the Washington Leadership Program, which places South Asians in public service internship positions across Washington, DC each summer? Check out their blog for Indiaspora readers!

Sreerag Sarma serves as Indiaspora’s Member Relations and Program Coordinator and helped plan this event. Also a special thanks to Moh Sharma who was instrumental in gathering all the speakers for this event. Moh Sharma is an Advisor for the House Judiciary Committee Majority as well as President of SABA-DC, VP of the Congressional South Asian American Staff Association, and a Board Member of WLP.

Congressional South Asian American Staff Association
Washington Leadership Program
South Asian Bar Association
Moh Sharma, President of SABA-DC, VP of CSAASA, and Board Member of WLP