MR in conversation with Viswa Subbaraman

MR in conversation with Viswa Subbaraman

December 19, 2014 | Author: Monika Patel

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Hear about his early introduction to music

Listen to his tryst with Carnatic music, violins and trombones

Hear about how he started enjoying music

He gets candid about his career choice as an Indian American breaking away from a traditional career

Listen to his struggles to make it in the musical world and his lucky breaks

Viswa talks about conceptualizing Opera Vista and its relevance: his project of love

Hear about the great conductors he admires, his favourite piece of work, the operas he would love to conduct.

Find out his favourite composer

Hear about Viswa’s transition to Milwaukee’s Skylight Theatre

Listen to how he has merged his Indian sensibility into conducting an opera piece

Find out about his most recent experience at INK in India and his learning as a result.

Listen to him discussing his love for his cats, basketball, his leisure time activities and what keeps him going.

Viswa is the Artistic Director/Music Director of The Skylight Music Theatre in Milwaukee, WI.