Indian American Community Engagement Survey

Indian American Community Engagement Survey

July 17, 2018


Indiaspora, in partnership with Dalberg Advisors, collaborated with philanthropy groups, media organizations, community nonprofits and advocacy groups to conduct the first comprehensive survey regarding issues of importance to the Indian-American diaspora and the diverse ways in which we give back as a community.

Who are Indian diaspora?

We define members of the Indian diaspora as first- and second-generation individuals of Indian descent (i.e., individuals born in India and/or of Indian citizenship, as well as their children, who now live outside of India).

What were the results?

Preliminary results were unveiled with Dalberg Advisors and our survey partners at the Indiaspora Philanthropy Summit at Georgetown University July 17, 2018.

Comprehensive results were published in a joint report with Dalberg Advisors.

In addition to better identifying which issues are of importance to the Indian-American community, we also hope the information will be used by charitable giving and other nonprofit groups to better understand and serve their specific constituencies in our community.

How else can I help?

Please share the findings with friends and family in your network and post on social media! #DiasporaIssuesMatter

If you are interested in helping distribute survey findings to members of your organization, or have questions regarding this survey effort, please contact Indiaspora’s Philanthropy Initiatives Manager, Gabrielle Trippe, at

Who are our Survey Partners?

Thank you to our fellow survey partners, without which this effort would not be possible. It takes a village to know our village!