Indiaspora Makes Wiki Video’s “Groups Making Cross-Cultural Connections” List

Indiaspora Makes Wiki Video’s “Groups Making Cross-Cultural Connections” List

August 13, 2020 | Author: Indiaspora

EzvidĀ Wiki, known as “Wiki Video” is a media platform designed for users to create informational and instructional learning videos. They recently created a video highlighting organizations and outlets that foster cultural relations and celebrate diversity through various efforts including education, art, and philanthropy. Indiaspora was proud to be recognized as one of the groups featured in the video for our work connecting the global Indian diaspora.

The other organizations featured include:

1.) Laos Angeles – An organization based in Los Angeles that works to promote the identities and representation of over 160 ethnic groups from Laos. They organize workshops, discussions, and cultural events to connect members of the Laotian diaspora.

2.) – The organization conducts research and has created an online repository of resources and studies of surrounding topics of the African experience in China – including racism, culture, and migration.

3.) Melibee Global – An educational organization committed to assisting students and people looking to work and study abroad. They provide cultural awareness tools and professional development services through the International Education Career Academy.

4.) Cultural Awareness International – An organization that provide cross-cultural training and services for families and employees moving to international locations.

5.) Scottish Diaspora Tapestry – The community arts project unites Scots from around the world to share their unique history and stories in an embroidered piece.

Check out the video!

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