Anil Narang

Anil Narang

Founder, Sustainable Growth Partners

Anil Narang is a vegan ambassador, and also a senior executive in public equities asset management. He is Founder of Sustainable Growth Partners which invests in the US and Indian equities,  with a responsible and ethical strategy, allowing clients to align their wealth with their worldview.   Anil is an Independent Investment Committee and Board Member of Enam India Asset Management offshore entity.

He was Principal with Morgan Stanley New York, and Executive Director with Morgan Stanley India, and earlier was Co-Chief Executive Officer of a Salomon Brothers entity in New York City. Anil has presented to prominent financial institutions on ‘Wisdom of Buffett and Munger’. He has contributed to numerous industry panels in India and the U.S., including the Bombay Stock Exchange Index Committee.

He was also a panelist on Sustainable Ethical Investments at an Ivy League Vegan Conference at Harvard University. Anil has presented in several global conferences on ‘The Imperative of Vegetarianism and Veganism for Moral Progress, Democracy, and World Peace’. Mahatma Gandhi’s approach has influenced him.

He was awarded an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Anil attended Modern School in New Delhi, and was number one ranked junior table tennis player in New Delhi.