Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra

Founder and CEO, Freedom Employability Academy

Deepak Chopra is the Founder/CEO of his personal charity: Freedom Employability Academy (FEA). FEA is among the 20 largest secular NGO’s in India.

Deepak’s lifelong mission is to help disadvantaged youth bootstrap themselves out of a cycle of poverty, lead a productive self-reliant life of dignity and go beyond to contribute to the greater good.

FEA runs an innovative employability competency program that teaches personal skills (self-confidence, drive, persistence, adaptability, ethics, etc.) FEA also offers English language skills to a level that make youth effective in the workplace, providing a path to lifelong learning and growth. This is a free one-year program.

More than 30,000 disadvantaged youth attend classes annually at the 100+ FEA branches, spread over 12 Indian cities. FEA continues to expand its footprint by opening new branches in additional Indian cities.

The FEA program doubles, triples, or even quadruples the monthly income for many. Given the potentially tremendous impact of this program, researchers from Stanford University are conducting a randomized controlled trial of FEA’s impact

Deepak holds a B. Tech degree in chemical engineering from IIT Delhi. He has founded or cofounded multiple companies, including Quten Research Institute, which is the US market leader in two different segments of food supplements under the QUNOL brand.

Deepak has gently explained to his family that people fortunate enough to receive a good education should not have their creativity and resourcefulness handicapped by an inheritance. 100% of his assets will be used to help the disadvantaged and poor through FEA.