MR and Suman discuss the timely topic of immigration

MR and Suman discuss the timely topic of immigration

October 9, 2015 | Author: Monika Patel

*As a daughter of immigrants Suman talks about her multi racial, multi ethnic and multi national upbringing in LA of the 80’s

*She discusses the Immigration and Nationality act that benefited immigrants and the US

*What stood out for her during her school years?

* After studying international relations and public policy find out how Suman leveraged her immigrant heritage to chart out her career.

*What does she believe are the key facts around immigration today?

*Listen to Suman’s take on undocumented labor, legal systems, foreign workers the quota system

*Suman emphasizes the importance of differentiating between immigration myth and facts

*Why did she take on the role of Executive Director at SAALT and what does she hope to achieve?

*How do immigration coalitions work an expansive umbrella to incorporate all immigrant needs?

*Find out if Suman manages to get some spare time

*What do people not know about Suman Raghunathan