MR gets in tune with Kamala Sankaram

MR gets in tune with Kamala Sankaram

June 24, 2015 | Author: Monika Patel

Learn about Kamala’s mixed heritage and the challenges of straddling two cultures.

Find out how it has influenced her music.

Kamala reminisces about her visits to India.

She speaks about her interest in music and how it became her career choice.

Listen to the experiences that exposed her to music industry contemporaries.

Kamala talks about her musical commissions and how they came about.

What threads has she pulled on in order to make things come together in her career.

Kamila reveals her tryst with the sitar.

Learn how she is associated with the band, Bombay Rickey.

What is her biggest success so far?

How does she relax?

She reveals a surprising aspect of herself that nobody knows.

Get prepared to be throughly entertained.