My Journey to Mathematize the Power in Light

My Journey to Mathematize the Power in Light

June 12, 2020 | Author: Dr. Pravir Malik, Head of Organizational Sciences at Zappos Family of Companies

I am not exactly sure when my journey to attempt a mathematization of the power in light began.  But as with any compelling journey there are likely many entry points along the way to ensure that it is indeed made.

I remember having a repeated experience as a child that would usually accompany bouts of fever.  In this experience I would see myself in a slowly falling drop of water.  In that drop I would see myself in another, even slower falling drop of water.  And this would continue recursively.  As a result, my perception of space and time would alter, and all of a sudden, I would experience popping out of time and space, into what felt like a peaceful, even joyous realm.

It was not till years later, when I got introduced to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, that it occurred to me that I may have been experiencing this viscerally.  Time and space after all were continually changing, and the only constant was the realm I found myself in, that perhaps was that of Light.

Light continued to beckon, and once when I was experiencing a particularly difficult relationship with someone it was its power that solved it.  I was at my wits end and while I was sitting under a tree it spontaneously dawned on me that I needed to visualize that person in a sphere of light.  I did so, and repeated this visualization, and as if by magic in a few days she began treating me very differently.  But perhaps what I had unconsciously tapped into was not magic at all, but a repeatable light-based technology, that allowed this change to happen.

Fueled by the initiating fractal experience as a child, and then the definite multi-dimensionality of light to make change happen, my urge to want to articulate its power was now growing.  But I was still not in possession of the right language to do so.  This was to change soon when I had a chance dinner with a mathematician in Berkeley.  He had read some of my blogposts at the time and said he had something to share with me.  In the dimly lit restaurant, and in the presence of the mysterious light of a candle at our table, I felt something of his knowledge and passion stream into me as he expounded on the meaning of ‘pi’, ‘e’, and other such unknowns.



It was not until the next morning when I spontaneously felt compelled to express phenomena mathematically that I realized that I had been initiated into the art of being able to articulate something of the fullness of Light, through the medium of mathematics.

Over the next few years I completed the basic six-book Cosmology of Light series to mathematically frame the central place of Light.  This was followed by a second four-book Applications in Cosmology of Light series that sought to apply the cosmology of light mathematics to interpret the increasingly popular areas of quantum computing, genetics, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism, from a light-centric point of view.

It has been a life-long journey to get here, and with the recent completion of the tenth book in the combined series, Triumph of Love, I felt inspired to summarize and share the overall Cosmology of Light model in a simple and practical way through the vehicle of public workshops.  What started off as one basic workshop has now diversified into three levels based on feedback.  These are available through Eventbrite.

In a Cosmology of Light, since we are of the nature of Light, and can consciously cultivate our relationship with it, I believe that we can collectively access Light to change even intractable circumstances.

I invite you to join me on this journey to do so.

To watch Pravir’s TEDx talk, The Power of Light to Make Change Happen, please click here.


Dr. Pravir Malik is a seeker and lover of light.  He has attempted to mathematize his perception of light in a recently completed set of 10 books focusing on a Cosmology of Light.  Pravir is a global citizen who has lived, been educated, and worked in many parts of the world, and is currently the Head of Organizational Sciences at Zappos Family of Companies. Please feel free to connect with him via LinkedIn: