Anto Philip, CEO and Co-Founder of Under 25

Anto Philip, CEO and Co-Founder of Under 25

Anto Philip is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Under 25 Universe, India’s Largest Student Community across Live, Media and Tech. He has featured in several publications including Forbes and India Today to name a few, in 2018 he was on the 27 Under 27 List by Soho House. Anto has spent a decade prioritising student lives and its enablement by understanding the semantics of Live experiences, Ticketing, Internet Culture, Celebrity Value, Curation, Advertising, Marketing, Campaign Management, Affiliate Network, Relationship Management, Cohort Based Learning, Music, Design, Filmmaking, Storytelling, Culture, Lifestyle, Network Effects, and Technological innovation.

Under 25 Universe is the amalgamation of every aspect that affects the opinion of a youngster towards responsible progress.

Over the last 9 years, we have been tirelessly working towards one vision, what does it take to build a community of youngsters and unlock their human potential by taking them seriously. We’ve built a community of values, customs and culture that enables a young person to be the best version of themselves.

The Under 25 Universe operates across three phases:

  1. Building Youth Culture.
  2. Fostering Student Leadership.
  3. Impacting the Student Wallet

The universe currently impacts over 100 Million youngsters across the country through the Under 25 Summit, Media network, Campus Network, Student programmes, Under 25 Studios and Under 25 Tech .

Pivotal projects led by Anto include:

Building the Under 25 team from scratch, we started off with a 4 member team back in 2014 and grew the team to 500 people including Under 25 Hardcore, Space Warriors and the Hustlers Collective across 100 cities in the past 9 years.

Scaling the Under 25 Summit from 80 people in 2015 to over 15000+ youngsters in 2019 and to 2,50,000+ attendees by 2021. Under 25 Summit is currently the World’s Leading Youth Festival.

Launching Under 25 Media in 2018 which currently does holds Under 25 Dictionary, Under 25 News, Under 25 Confessions, Under 25 Comics among the top notable media platforms. Under 25 Media Network houses 102 pages amounting to 20 Million Impressions week on week.

Launching Under 25 Studios a creative camp that prioritizes the netizens by creating value and engaging with audiences by building communities through digital storytelling. With over 20 clients, Under 25 Studios amasses 200 million views month on month.

As a part of Under 25’s effort towards developing and deploying Decentralised Education responsibly, we started previewing Under 25 App – A student super app, to a limited number of trusted users in August 2022 to learn about the models capabilities and limitations. The app currently has 12,000 explorers/users and we are slowly but steadily widening access.

Disrupting internet culture for Bollywood by taking over as the Chief Digital Advisor to Deepika Padukone. Anto with the team at Under 25 Studios devised the strategy to reimagine Deepika Padukone digital persona and there by grew the page from 48 Million followers to 60 Million in 365 days.

Apart from his role as the CEO of Under 25, he also is an advisor to several brands and celebrities for their youth strategy across live and digital experiences and content for a new generation of viewers. If not for Under 25, you can see Anto jumping on stage with his band Aathma, its a rare sight to see him on stage these days but rumor has it that he is making a comeback. Anto is a proud malayali and will choose his naadan food over anything else.