Asha Jadeja, Angel Investor and Philanthropist

Asha Jadeja, Angel Investor and Philanthropist

Angel Investor and Philanthropist

Asha Jadeja is one of Silicon Valley’s most respected venture capital investors who has to her credit, investments in over 70 technology startups – most with deep roots in disruptive ideas coming out of Stanford University.

Asha’s close technology and academic milieu includes Google, Twitter, the search group at Facebook, UC Berkeley, MIT, CMU, UPenn and Princeton.

Asha’s philanthropic works include creating Africa’s first ever Maker Faire out of Cairo Egypt. And set up the same in India in 2012.

She is creating a global network of Fablabs in the Indian subcontinent starting with her first one at CEPT University Ahmedabad India. Her areas of impact investing are Non Formal Learning and Girls and Women’s Education / Skill building. She personally set up a School in the Cloud pilot at Vikas Gruh girls school in Ahmedabad India in 2013.

Asha is an avid tennis player, cricket fan, Tedster, and a prolific evangelist for the virtues of non formal learning in peer group settings. She lives in San Francisco Bay Area with her family.