Harini Krishnan, Indian American Community Organizer

Harini Krishnan, Indian American Community Organizer

Harini Krishnan is an Indian American Community Organizer who is passionate about Gender
Equity, Civil Rights, Public Education and Arts. A former Lead Volunteer Organizer for the
Presidential Campaign of VP Kamala Harris in California in 2019, Harini was elected as a Biden
Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention and was featured in several videos at
the historic convention.

Harini joined South Asians for Biden (SAB) as California State Director in 2021 and became the
National Grassroots Organizing Co-Chair, helping to not only mobilize the South Asian
community to be the margin of victory in key battleground states for the Biden-Harris
campaign during the General Election, but also to help elect Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael
Warnock in the 2021 Georgia Special Election.

In May 2021. Harini joined her SAB colleagues in launching South Asians for America (SAFA), a
National Grassroots Organization formed to build South Asian political engagement and
power nationwide, and currently serves as the National Organizing Chair for SAFA. In this
role, Harini has worked closely with National Director Neha Dewan and the Leadership Team
to help SAFA establish state chapters in 18 states and build relationships with key South
Asian elected and appointed leaders as well as AAPI & other coalition groups nationwide.

She currently oversees SAFA’s recurring phonebanks and canvassing outreach to AAPI voters in 9
states to turn out the South Asian vote during the midterm elections. ​In addition to her work with SAFA, Harini is Co-Chair of the Finance Committee and an elected AD 22 Delegate of the California Democratic Party; a Board Member of Fund Her PAC, which elects progressive women to state legislatures nationwide; and a Board Member of Equal Access International, an International NGO which combines media programming with community mobilization to address gender inequities and increase civic engagement worldwide.

An acclaimed Indian Classical Vocalist and Cross Cultural Lecturer, Harini also serves on the
San Mateo County Arts Commission.

A resident of the Town of Hillsborough for more than 2 decades, Harini is the recipient of the
2020 Hillsborough Citizen of the Year Award, 2018 Jefferson Award for Public Service and the
2021 API Trailblazer of the Year Award from the California Democratic Party. The role that
Harini cherishes the most is as mother to her two daughters, Janani also known as Artist J.
Maya, and Abhaya.