Priya Dayananda

Ms. Priya Dayananda is currently the Executive Director of Federal Government Affairs. She joined KPMG as a Director of Federal Government Affairs in May 2006. The Office of Government Affairs is responsible for representing KPMG’s interests in all matters of public policy before the Federal and state governments and for assisting non-U.S. practices in achieving their government affairs goals. Ms. Dayananda advances the U.S. firm’s public policy agenda by communicating the firm’s priorities and positions to the Administration, Members of Congress, and Regulators.

Professional and Industry Experience

• Ms. Dayananda lobbies the Administration, and Democrats and Republicans in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate

• Over the course of 18 years, Ms. Dayananda has worked on Capitol Hill as a Senior Advisor to Members of Congress on the House Financial Services Committee and as a registered financial services lobbyist for fourteen years