Vikram Sathaye, Comedian and author

Vikram Sathaye, Comedian and author

Comedian and author

After 6½ years as a media executive with organizations like PMG, MTV and Metalight Films, my time with PowerPoint and Excel was over when I realized Yana Gupta’s post tax income was higher than the CEO’s of most multinational company’s which made me wonder why I had wasted time studying Warren Buffet and Phillip Kotler when I should have aspired to emulate the careers of Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey instead

Unfortunately I did not have the fixed assets to be in that business so I thought becoming an item number in the world of cricket was the best available alternative…the rest as they say is history …

The 2006 CEAT Cricket Awards and that amateurish You Tube video gave me my 8 minutes of fame and turned me into a standup comedian … My repertoire now includes everything from sports, politics, current affairs, Bollywood, to popular culture and solutions for marital disputes

My acts are co-written by my fellow Geologist and ex MTV colleague Suhail Bagdadi, better known in political and spiritual circles as ‘Baba Baghdadi’