Vinita Belani, Founding Artistic Director, EnActe Arts

Vinita Belani, Founding Artistic Director, EnActe Arts

Founding Artistic Director, EnActe Arts

Vinita Sud Belani is the Founding Artistic Director of EnActe Arts, a theatre company co-located in Houston and Silicon Valley that develops and presents thought-provoking, universally appealing stories that put South Asia in a global context. EnActe focuses on inclusive representation and talent development.

Belani is an actor, director and producer. Her recent directing credits include Go to your room, Mother!, Chaos Theory, The Conference of the Birds, Soundwaves: The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan, Queen and The Case of The Vanishing Firefish, which she co-wrote. Vinita is trained in street theatre under the renowned director and playwright Badal Sircar.

Vinita brings to the world of artrepreneurship twenty years of CXO level experience in the corporate world, in technology development and management of technology, both in large multinational corporations and in Silicon Valley startups. Belani has lived and worked in nine countries across four continents, speaks seven languages fluently and has served on several non-profit boards dealing with educational access, domestic vionce and sex trafficking.

Vinita holds a degree in Computer Science from BITS Pilani, India, an MBA from HEC France, a DiplĂ´me in French from the Sorbonne and a Diplom in German from the Max Mueller Institute.