Vivek Kopparthi, Founder of NeoLight and PriZm, Entrepreneur

Vivek Kopparthi, Founder of NeoLight and PriZm, Entrepreneur

Vivek Kopparthi is an empathy-driven entrepreneur focused on advancing innovations/solving problems that are life-changing. His hunger, drive and humility enable him to rhinoceros through complex techno-managerial interdisciplinary endeavors. In his journey from being a smart to a wise leader, he has traversed several projects, learning pathways, visions and people thereby developing several mature mental models at a young age. Vivek’s key skillsets are technology commercialization, fundraising, M&A, growth strategy, risk optimization and execution.

He founded NeoLight, a medical device company focused on advancing empathy-driven best-in-class solutions for the neonatal and fetal markets. Today, NeoLight has markets over 90+ countries, vertically manufacturing integrated, holds 9 patents (11+ pending) and has raised $20M+ capital from strategic investors including and beyond Dignity Health, Arizona State, Catholic Health and Honor Health. NeoLight carries THE best products in the world and history, for infant Jaundice, ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity), SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) and ROP telemedicine.

He also founded PriZm Therapeutics now a Phase III company focused on solving for MCT8 Deficiency, a rare endocrine condition that occurs in male newborns and carries to their lifetime where they are severely challenged mentally and physically. MCT8 Deficiency (AHDS) does not have an FDA approved treatment till date.

He is a contributing author on and, very focused on healthcare and innovation advancement. He sits on several advisory panels/boards with an intent to give back and make a difference. He has won numerous awards including the Forbes 30 under 30 for healthcare, Times Now NRI of the year and the top 20 influential AZ millennials.

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