Reimagining India

Reimagining India

January 1, 2014

The frenzied optimism of the past decade for the “Indian experiment” has now given way to disappointment amongst observers ofIndiainside and outside the country. There is mounting frustration thatIndia’s promise could be fading. “WillIndiafulfill its true potential?” is the repeated refrain. REIMAGINING INDIA—a collection of 60 original new essays featuring contributors such as Bill Gates, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Mukesh Ambani, Fareed Zakaria, Eric Schmidt, Anand Mahindra, Ruchir Sharma, Viswanathan Anand, Mallika Sarabhai, Harsha Bhogle, Suketu Mehta, and many more—explores the challenges and opportunities faced by one of the most important and least-understood nations on earth.


In REIMAGINING INDIA McKinsey & Company brings together the wisdom of experts from many corners—social and cultural as well as economic and political—with the aim of creating a platform for dialogue and launching a spirited debate about the global significance ofIndiaasAsia’s next superpower. The diverse voices in this book, from business, academia, technology, the environment, and policy to culture and the arts provide rich, multidisciplinary perspectives on the country’s open, bottom-up economic, social, and political model with all its challenges: from bureaucracy, corruption, environment, and political gridlocks, to the lack of social and physical infrastructure. But despite the doom-and-gloom prophesying forIndia’s future, they argue thatIndia—vibrant, chaotic, and operating simultaneously at multiple speeds—remains a genuine contender asAsia’s “other superpower”.


The book explores several themes – including how to drive an alternate decentralized  model of development, the role of technology to leapfrog and ways in which leveraging emerging soft power effectively can potentially transform India and by doing so hopefully create a new template to address the biggest challenges facing the world today.


In the words of Bill Gates in this book,India’s promise is endless– from an abundance of life and a boisterous democracy to extraordinary business leaders and entrepreneurs. The nation’s rising economy and burgeoning middle class have earnedIndiaa place alongsideChinaas one of the world’s two indispensable emerging markets. At the same time,India’s tech-savvy entrepreneurs and rapidly globalizing firms are upending key sectors of the world economy.Indiais the only experiment at scale with a fundamentally bottom-up, state-led and centrally enabled model, and as a result, development too, is a multi-layered undertaking. But at the center, reforms and progress gain momentum only during periods of crisis. So how can a billion-plus people work together and mobilise change at a pace that sustains the idea ofIndia? What isIndia’s true potential, and what can be done to unlock it? These thought-provoking strategies and insights provide a roadmap to that future, and are a critical resource for all readers seeking to understand howIndiais changing—and changing the world.


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