The U.S. Postal Service Delivers a Bang in Time for Diwali!

The U.S. Postal Service Delivers a Bang in Time for Diwali!

September 29, 2016 | Author: Meera Prahlad | Freelance Writer and Community Activist

Diwali greetings from Indiaspora!

As we gear up towards the festivities that this season always brings with it, Diwali 2016 is particular cause for gaiety for the Indian-American community, as a fifteen-year effort to get a stamp issued has finally put us on the map!

My engagement at the grassroots level with the community, while petitioning for the stamp, showed how excited, hopeful and wholehearted Indian-Americans were in their support. This Diwali we rejoice in the success of the collective efforts of many.  Together, we have made history!

Now that the Diwali stamp is reality, what better gift to choose for your family and friends, than one that is reflective of your heritage, speaks of your pride in your roots, and also honors the Stars and Stripes!

Pre-order the stamp – own a piece of history!

Please pledge to share this momentous achievement with at least 15 of your friends.

In addition, Indiaspora and the U.S. Postal Service will be represented at a number of large Diwali events around the country, especially in metropolitan areas where one finds large concentrations of Indian-Americans, and our goal is to promote the Diwali Stamp.

If there is a Diwali mela in your area, do connect us – we can have the U.S.P.S. sell the long-awaited Diwali stamp at the festivities.  There would be no better finish to what we started two years ago.

With warm wishes for a dazzling Deepavali,

Meera Prahlad


About the Author: Meera Prahlad is a freelance writer, with a wide variety of interests.  She wears several hats, but finds that the style that suits her best is one where she takes on causes close to her heart, to make a meaningful impact on the community around her.  She is especially proud of her passionate grassroots involvement with Indiaspora’s initiative to get a Diwali stamp issued – a victory that represents every Indian-American.