MR in conversation with Jimmy Soni

MR in conversation with Jimmy Soni

February 5, 2015 | Author: Monika Patel

Hear all about Soni’s eclectic career and how it led to him becoming Managing Editor of The Huffington Post at the age of 26.

Listen to his fascinating journey at Duke University and how he still visits his alma mater including being a speaker at the TedX talks held there a while back.

As a published author, Soni speaks about his first book on Roman Emperor Cato and elaborates on why he decided to work on his latest book.

Listen to why he thinks ‘sitting is the new smoking’.

Hear all about his dedication to his latest hobby.

Find out how he is connected to France, what he does to relax and a lot more.

Soni is the contributing editor and weekly columnist for the Washington Examiner and a senior advisor to the CEO and Editor-in-chief of The New York Observer Media Group.