Why it’s Time for Indian Americans to Celebrate their Arrival on the National Stage in DC

Why it’s Time for Indian Americans to Celebrate their Arrival on the National Stage in DC

December 3, 2012

There’s no doubt that our community now holds some influence in the United States. As we play an increasingly larger role on the national political stage, it is obvious that Indian Americans are enjoying:

Our political prominence now matches that of Indian Americans in other disciplines.  Check out this sample of recent headlines from the fields of science, education, entertainment and business:

All this means it is time to acknowledge the achievements of our community and to be recognized on the national stage and exercise our collective ability to make a global impact.

Indiaspora invites all Indian Americans to celebrate our success and the re-election of President Obama at the Indiaspora Inaugural Ball 2013. This formal, cross-cultural gala will take place on January 19, 2013 at the Mandarin Oriental Washington, D.C.

The evening’s festivities will underscore the strength and mutual benefits of the U.S.-India relationship. Leaders from the 3-million-strong Indian American community will be joined by compatriots from India and American well-wishers to showcase the best of the world’s oldest democracy and the world’s largest democracy.

With recognition comes responsibility. Indian Americans want to do more for America and they want a robust and strategic U.S.-India partnership. They are interested in building stronger bridges to their ancestral homeland in the areas of culture, business, education, healthcare and philanthropy.

The Indiaspora Inaugural Ball will be more than just a great party – it will serve as a catalyst for:

  • An institutionalized approach that supports Indian American candidates at all levels of American government regardless of party affiliation
  • A process for raising the awareness and resources needed to take care of the underprivileged and “invisibles” in our own community in the USA.
  • A kick-start for President Obama’s second-term “strategic partnership” with India, shaped with input from key “India oriented” think tank leaders from both sides
  • A strong commitment from our Indian cousins that reform policies will be carried through before their next election
  • An effective set of philanthropic models that can serve as a bridge between the US and India that can be used to channel donations of money, services and time.

I appreciate your comments and feedback on these issues.

There’s no doubt that we have much to celebrate – and much more work to do!

Join us at the Indiaspora Inaugural Ball!